Sheet Metal Fabrication

Precision Metal Works provides sheet metal fabrication services across the nation. We have been producing sheet metal fabricated parts since 1986. Sheet metal fabrication is cutting and bending sheet metal. Special tools are used to cut the sheet metal.

Sheet metal fabrication uses sheet metal to build metal products and parts. Sheet Metal Fabrication can be a complex process, but PMW makes it simple! Companies that specialize in sheet metal fabrication are usually called job shops or fabrication shops. Sheet metal fabrication also involves hydraulic breaks. They help make sheet metal fabrication simplified, as they help create bends at a variety of angles. Rolling machines are also used in sheet metal fabrication to form steel into round sections.
Sheet Metal Fabrication in Alabama & Across the Nation

Another focus of sheet metal fabrication is welding. After the sheet metal parts are formed, they are assembled and welded. Different welding techniques can be used in sheet metal fabrication to avoid warping or other visual defects.

This includes using welding in a staggered manner, a fixture or covering the metal with sand during the cooling process.
Sheet Metal Fabrication in Alabama & Across the Nation

Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment List

• 2 Lasers, CO2
• 5’x10’ maximum sheet size
• Accuracy to .000005”
  – Aluminum 3/8”
  – Stainless Steel 1/2”
  – Steel 1”
Accessories: Nitrogen Generator: Used for Aluminum, Stainless Steel and 3/16” or less Steel. Fixturing to cut structural steel and tubing

• 6’ x12’ maximum sheet size
• Thickness up to 4”
  (ferrous and non-ferrous)

Turret Punch
• 4’ x 8’ maximum sheet size
• Thickness to 1/8”

Press Brakes
• 5 Brakes, [4 CNC]
• 25 tons to 440 tons
• 1/2” max thick x 10’ long
• Up to 14’ long for thinner material
• Sheer/Roll Forming: 1/4” x 8’ capacity

You provide the drawing and we’ll do the rest!

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